American rapper, & record producer, Kanye West unexpectedly shared new song on his SoundCloud titled When I See It.

The track sounds like a demo and it is unclear if the track will make it to his upcoming album, SWISH.

The song’s instrumental was originally used on The Weeknd‘s Tell Your Friends, produced by West, for Weeknd’s second studio album, Beauty Behind the Madness.

Let me get more volume
Nah, nah
Louder and my voice

Roll some, think I’ll roll some
To know some, if we both honest
You less, yeah, you lie
Spent the whole summer
Tryna be at the wrong place at the right time
But I know what’s mine when I see it
I know, I know, I know when I see it
Riding down the 405, baby
Pacing, thinking, to myself
If I should make it right
When I pulled up to the light
And then my phone started ringing
Diamonds in the colors of those eyes
Don’t know why, but I know a sign when I see it


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