After slipping out of a skydiver’s pocket, Apple’s iPhone 4 survived a 13,000 feet drop and can still make and receive calls.

Some people just can’t live without their iPhone 4,  apparently a skydiver who decided to keep his Apple iPhone4 with him when he took a recent plunge from a perfectly good airplane. However, his iPhone 4 dropped out of his pocket while he was dropping down from over 13,000 feet,  the battered and beaten phone emerged from the huge fall with the ability to still make and receive calls.

Jarrod McKinney said he was in such a rush to “get out the door” of the plane on a recent skydiving trip that he forgot to zip up the pockets on his skydiving pants. “I just knew it was gone. Falling from that height? (What are) the chances of you finding something like that or even knowing where to look?” he said.

If you are wondering why he decided to skydive with his iPhone, he stated that he liked to have the phone around if his jump destination doesn’t go as planned and he has to phone someone to find him and pick him up.

Luckily, McKinney managed to locate the gadget with the help of a GPS tracking app after he safely landed himself to the ground via parachute. Of course, the glass was completely shattered. McKinney’s skydiving instructor Joe Johnson called the phone, just to be funny and guess what? the iPhone began vibrating in McKinney’s hand.

McKinney needs to get the glass replaced on his iPhone to actually be able to use it. He has been using it with Bluetooth after the crash.

We’ve seen iPads and MacBook Pros dropped from extreme heights with the protection of the G-Form sleeves and come out in perfect condition, so we’d like to see an iPhone case from G-Form in case another skydiver drops his phone while jumping form a plane.

Image via CNN

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