Naughty Dog’s community strategist Arne Meyer talks about infected in ‘The Last of Usand explains they are terrible enemy to deal with.

“One of the things we really wanted to focus on is the infected as antagonists, While there are different classes and stuff, they really represent one dimension to the combat,” Arne Meyer told OPM.

Meyer warns, “You can sneak up and shiv them with a homemade knife (scissors and tape scavenged from shelves and drawers) but any attempt to take them on face to face ends in a short, bloody shot of teeth tearing strips out of Joel’s neck, followed by a black screen. It’s brutally abrupt.”

The Last of us (12)

“We’re showing off the infected because we really want to show they’re such a terrible, difficult enemy to deal with. It’s is why everyone is being pushed to these extremes,” added Meyer.

“The whole point is that it isn’t meant to be a pretty world,” confirms Meyer. ‘It’s supposed to have these very lethal and extreme consequences. What is is like as a human to be pushed to an extreme where the lines between good and bad, the moral lines are blurred? For us it’s so important to really show the brutality within the context but to make it very visceral.”

“The infected are there as a third party stressor to the survivors, what’s really interesting for us are the choices humans make. [That’s] why we’re focusing, the human drama in our narrative. They’re very conscious sentient and they’re making interesting choices,” said Meyer.

Watch infected gameplay trailer here.

The Last of Us was previously scheduled to release on May 7, but now it’ll hit stores worldwide on June 14, 2013 for PS3.

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