Bethesda will release an incremental update next week that will fix many of the issues that popped up after patch v1.2 released earlier this week.

In an update on their blog post ,  Bethesda says  “We anticipate it will be up on PC first, and then hit PS3 and Xbox 360 later in the week,” the developer says. “Among other things, the update will fix issues like magic resistance not calculating properly and the rare, amazing backwards flying dragon. Once the update is released, we’ll share the full release notes.”

Additionally, Bethesda says “We’ve also realized that with the millions upon millions of people playing Skyrim, we need to treat our updates with greater care. If we get too aggressive trying to fix a minor issue, we run a risk of breaking something larger in a game like this. To be safe, we are prioritizing code side fixes right now over data fix”

Bethesda: An Incremental Skyrim Update Incoming 1

Bethesda promises it will take better care before releasing game updates to public. “We all know this is a huge game, and everyone has a different experience. We’ll continue to do everything we can to make the game better and better for as many people as possible every day.

PC Skryrim players will get the patch first, followed by the Xbox 360 and PS3, as the certification process for console content takes a bit longer. Hopefully it’ll be ready by this time next week.

The highly anticipated Creation Kit mod tools will be available for PC players to download in early January. Steam Workshop has also been integrated into the Creation Kit, allowing you to upload your mod where users can then download and rate it.