Sony Interactive Entertainment and Guerrilla Games released new Horizon Zero Dawn video dubbed Secrets of the Past.

In Horizon Zero Dawn Secrets of the Past video, game director Hermen Hulst and art director Jan-Bart van Beek give us a glimpse of Aloy’s place in their new world, shedding new light on who she is and what drives her to survive as an outcast:

Horizon Zero Dawn Secrets of the Past Trailer

The team shares additionally details about the game and Aloy:

“It never was our goal or intention – it was a happy coincidence!” says studio co-founder and Managing Director Hermen Hulst.

“We just wanted to make a great character for the game. The creation of Aloy was relatively constant. Of course you always develop and iterate as you go along, but we decided she’d be a young red-headed female from day one.

We didn’t want this typical hulking dude, but an agile person who wouldn’t necessarily be able to hold her ground against the sheer gun power of these Machines, but is able to outsmart them. We’re really happy with our choice.”

Aloy’s style and her costume has been such a hit that the developers have created “costume creation guide to help out anyone looking to join the Horizon Zero Dawn tribe.”

“We wanted somebody who was very curious, intelligent and takes in this wondrous world full of mystery to unravel,” explains Hermen.

“And she can be fierce. We didn’t want a Disney type princess. There are a lot of beliefs and mythology in the tribes you meet in the game, but she doesn’t really buy into that and is a very down to earth girl who questions and puts everything into her own perspective.

I think they make her a great character to follow through the story,” Hermen concluded.

Horizon Zero Dawn launches on February 28, 2017 for PlayStation 4.

Horizon Zero Dawn - Secrets of the Past Trailer 3
Horizon Zero Dawn - Secrets of the Past Trailer 4

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