The trailer reveals the game will take place in San Andreas. Jet-skis, golf courses, mountains and sun-kissed beaches are contrasted with rundown areas, gangs, homeless people and police chases.

With rural and urban areas playing home to a melting pot of social and ethnic diversity, it looks like it’s going to be a great sandbox in which to cause some mayhem.

This is the first time we’ve seen a dog in a GTA game. ANIMALS CONFIRMED?

The convertible sports car waiting at the traffic signal puts its hood up, which would be a new feature for cars.

The trailer shows a man at a golf club driving the ball off into the distance and then another guy on a jet-ski. Probably just a couple of extra-curricular activities we’ll be able to enjoy in Grand Theft Auto V?

Three hikers, posing for the camera with the mountains dominating the skies behind them. The appearance of mountains suggests that we’ll be travelling outside Los Santos, which seems to be most of what the trailer shows. The mountainous area certainly wasn’t part of the Los Santos we remember. It could be Mt. Chiliad, the 2,000 foot tall mountain located in Whetstone.

The trailer then briefly shows an aged version of GTA Vice City protagonis Tommy Vercetti. We can imagine Tommy going on to become a big time construction tycoon though, provided he didn’t get shot somewhere along the way – he was a criminal, remember?

Next we see a bit of crime: a guys dressed as pest control experts jump out of a van masked and armed with assault rifles. One of the gunmen looks to be the business man shown earlier. He’s the only character to show up a few times around this trailer, which could mean he’s our main character. It would be cool to play as an older, wiser, criminal instead of another up-and-coming young hotshot.

We’re see another character, who looks a bit too familiar, running from the fuzz. The vest sporting tattooed man could turn out to be San Andreas’ CJ. Even if that specific person isn’t him, CJ has got to still be around, so we’re guessing he’ll show his face at some point.

The last thing we see before the Grand Theft Auto V logo is the iconic Vinewood sign AKA Hollywood sign.

Take a look at the Trailer Analysis video below

From the looks of it, we might be getting something that is story driven in the way that GTA IV was, but also includes with the mini-games, freedom and fun of San Andreas.

That’s the quick Trailer Analysis. Give us your thoughts and speculation on the trailer in the comments below. The song in the trailer: Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake Overture/ Afterglow (of Your Love).


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