The announcement of Grand Theft Auto V has brought about a ton of speculation about the upcoming game from Rockstar.

Rumors have recently surfaced that Grand Theft Auto V will be set in Los Angeles, with “multiple sources” allegedly confirming these details, as well as, the ability to play as more than one character in the city.

Rumour – GTA V set in L.A. 1

Kotaku is citing an anonymous source close to the project for a Los Angeles setting for the game. The source claims the game will feature more than one playable character, although it’s not clear whether it will be like Grand Theft Auto IV, and these additional characters will added through DLC, or whether the core game itself will include multiple playable characters was not revealed.

Since no confirmation has been made on the validity of these claims, we’ll have to wait for the trailer for GTA V that’s just few hours to go.

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