After American actor, Josh James Brolin recently said, “It’s Thanos Against Everyone”, lot of us assumed that would mean everyone from Marvel Cinematic Universe would be part of Avengers Infinity War, but James Gunn says it’s unlikely.

“We really are separate from the Avengers, and I don’t think people should assume too many things about the Guardians play in all this, Gunn told Screen Junkies.

James Gunn: Guardians of the Galaxy/Avengers Crossover Is Highly Unlikely 2

We have our own galaxy to take care of. We have our own galaxy to save. Earth is the Avengers’ province.

Thinking that everything is going to come together in a perfect way is not necessarily the way it’s gonna happen.”

Gunn goes on to reveal that we can expect more of Star-Lord’s mentor Yondu & Kraglin in Guardians of the Galaxy sequel.

“Michael Rooker is my good friend. Where would I be without Michael Rooker by my side on a film project. I haven’t made a movie yet without him.

Who knows? There’s a good chance we’ll see at least a little bit more Yondu….

And Kraglin, my brother! I love those ravagers, they’re one of my favorite parts of the movie.”

Guardians of the Galaxy is available now on Digital HD, DVD and Blu-ray.


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Source: Screen Junkies.

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