Just a couple of weeks after Google+ social networking service was launched, now Google has launched a new website and video for yet another kind of networking service.

Photovine web site has now gone live. The teaser site says that Photovine will be a “fun way to learn more about your friends, meet new people and share your world like never before.”

The service lets users contribute to a shared caption, creating an album around a single photo or thought. Take a photo, make a caption and see what your friends snap to fit that description. You can also, of course, see your friends’ albums and add your own photos.

Photovine is the second photo-sharing app released by Google and created by Slide in recent weeks. Late last month, Google unveiled Pool Party for both Android and iOS, enabling to users create group albums and see friends’ photos in real time. Both Photoslide and Pool Party follow on the heels of Google+, a social media network that promises to rival Facebook by giving users the flexibility to selectively share materials with friends and family sorted into “circles.” Google+ also includes Hangouts, a multi-person video chat solution, as well as Huddle, a group messaging feature supporting real-time texting to multiple people.




During Google’s quarterly earnings call on Thursday, Google said that Google+ signups now top 10 million just two weeks after launch. In addition, users have already shared more than a billion pieces of content.

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