Activision and Infinity Ward revealed the first DLC “Onslaught” for their first-person shooter, Call of Duty: Ghosts.

“Take the fight onto four small to medium multiplayer maps: Fog, Bayview, Containment, and Ignition, a reimagining of the classic map Scrapyard from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2”

Onslaught will also give access to all-new Maverick dual-purpose Assault Rifle & Sniper Rifle. It will also included Episode 1: Nightfall, Extinction mode’s four-part episodic narrative that delves deeper into the storyline, and features new characters, a new weapon and new alien species including a towering, three-story tall alien enemy.

“Nightfall is a fast and frenetic, action-packed continuation of the original “Extinction” experience in Call of Duty: Ghosts. Set in a remote facility hidden deep within the Alaskan wilderness, the shadowy Nightfall Program has been researching the origins of the newly revealed alien threat.

A small recon team of elite soldiers must infiltrate the site to retrieve intel and exterminate the hordes of savage creatures, and along the way uncover a three-story tall terror unlike anything they’ve faced before.”

The $50 Season Pass gives you access to four epic DLC Map Packs*, each delivering a collection of fresh multiplayer content and more.

Onslaught DLC is set to launch on January 28th first on both Xbox One and Xbox 360, other platforms to follow soon.


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