Sundance Selects debuted the trailer for Free the Nipple, an upcoming American comedy feature film directed by Lina Esco, co-written with Hunter Richards and Sarabeth Stroller.

Sparked by the “Free the Nipple” campaign addressing societal taboos about public exposure of female breasts, Esco created this film to draw public attention to the issue of gender equality and encourage discussion over America’s glorification of violence and repression of sexuality.

It stars Casey LaBow, Monique Coleman, Zach Grenier, Lina Esco, Griffin Newman and Lola Kirke.

“Led by Liv (Lola Kirke), an army of passionate women launch a revolution to “Free the Nipple” and decriminalize female nudity. Based on true events, a mass movement of topless women, backed by First Amendment lawyers, graffiti installations and national publicity stunts, invade New York City to protest censorship and public nudity laws in the U.S.”

Free the Nipple is set to release on December 12, 2014.


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