Mozilla Corporation’s free & open-source web browser, Mozilla Firefox gets a new stable release Firefox 52.0.2, which includes some fixes.

Firefox is a fast, full-featured Web browser, which includes pop-up blocking, tab-browsing, integrated Google search, simplified privacy controls, and many additional features.

Firefox 52.0.2 Released 2

Made with a mission to put you first
We’ve always designed Firefox to protect and respect your private information. That’s why we’re proud to be voted the Most Trusted Internet Company for Privacy.

Works the way you do
How you use the Web is unique. Firefox lets you change it to match. Remove what you don’t use, keep what you do and put it just about anywhere you want.

Faster at what you do most
Firefox was named the ”speed king” in independent benchmark and performance tests against other browsers. Save time and do just about anything quicker than before.

What’s new in Firefox 52.0.2 (March 28, 2017):


  • Use Nirmala UI as fallback font for additional Indic languages (Bug 1342787)
  • Fix loading tab icons on session restore (Bug 1338009)
  • Fix a crash on startup on Linux (Bug 1345413)
  • Fix new installs erroneously not prompting to change the default browser setting (Bug 1343938)

Firefox 52.0.2 for Windows | Firefox 64-bit | 50 MB
Firefox 52.0.2 for Linux | 64-bit | 55 MB
Firefox 52.0.2 for MacOS | 78.3 MB

What’s new in Firefox 52.0.1 (March 17, 2017):


What’s new in Firefox 52.0 (March 7, 2017):


  • Added support for WebAssembly, an emerging standard that brings near-native performance to Web-based games, apps, and software libraries without the use of plugins.
  • Added automatic captive portal detection, for easier access to Wi-Fi hotspots. When accessing the Internet via a captive portal, Firefox will alert users and open the portal login page in a new tab.
  • Implemented the Strict Secure Cookies specification which forbids insecure HTTP sites from setting cookies with the “secure” attribute. In some cases, this will prevent an insecure site from setting a cookie with the same name as an existing “secure” cookie from the same base domain.
  • Added user warnings for non-secure HTTP pages with logins. Firefox now displays a “This connection is not secure” message when users click into the username and password fields on pages that don’t use HTTPS.
  • Enhanced Sync to allow users to send and open tabs from one device to another.


  • Various security fixes
  • Improved text input for third-party keyboard layouts on Windows. This will address some keyboard layouts that
    • have chained dead keys
    • input two or more characters with a non-printable key or a dead key sequence
    • input a character even when a dead key sequence failed to compose a character


  • Removed support for Netscape Plugin API (NPAPI) plugins other than Flash. Silverlight, Java, Acrobat and the like are no longer supported.
  • Improved experience for downloads:
    • Notification in the toolbar when a download fails
    • Quick access to five most recent downloads rather than three
    • Larger buttons for canceling and restarting downloads
  • On Linux, Firefox now requires PulseAudio to play sound and no longer plays sound directly with ALSA.
  • Removed Battery Status API to reduce fingerprinting of users by trackers
  • When not using Direct2D on Windows, Skia is used for content rendering
  • Migrated Firefox users on Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems to the extended support release (ESR) version of Firefox.
  • Display (but allow users to override) an “Untrusted Connection” error when encountering SHA-1 certificates that chain up to a root certificate included in Mozilla’s CA Certificate Program. (Note: Firefox continues to permit SHA-1 certificates that chain to manually imported root certificates.) Read more about the Mozilla Security Team’s plans to deprecate SHA-1


  • Enabled CSS Grid Layout, opening up a world of new possibilities for graphic design
  • Improved security for screen sharing, which now shows a preview and no longer requires a whitelisted domain
  • Redesigned Responsive Design Mode to include device selection, network throttling, and more

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