Naughty Dog’s action-adventure survival horror, The Last of Us has inspired a couple of developers and now the latest being Square Enix’s video game director, Hajime Tabata’s Final Fantasy XV.

In a recent interview, Tabata goes on to talk about the characters and how The Last of Us narrative impacted Final Fantasy XV‘s storytelling.

Final Fantasy XV Narrative Inspired By The Last of Us 1
Final Fantasy XV Narrative Inspired By The Last of Us 2
Final Fantasy XV Narrative Inspired By The Last of Us 3

“One of the important threads of the story in Final Fantasy XV is that tale of how Noctis goes from being a young prince in waiting to becoming the king of the country,” Tabata told Examiner, “That tale is a really big part of the game.”

Tabata adds that Noctis’ is “growing and developing as a person” and the narrative “puts you in a place to experience that emotional journey with him.

We are really trying to aim for something where the gameplay and storytelling are really one in the same.

It’s important that the story progresses through the gameplay in a very unforced way, in a similar way that it was done with The Last of Us, for example.”

He goes on, “The difference is Final Fantasy XV is a full RPG so you have a lot deeper, heavy and full story that shows the development of characters along a more broad angle.”

In FFXV Noctis and other characters will “show a number of different human connections. The first of those [connections] is that bond between father and son.”

“Another big relationship is the bond of friendship and then of course, the bonds of love are the third element we are going to cover.

It’s not going to be a love story, that’s not the main focus of the game, but it’s has those elements of love and romance within the broader story of Noctis’s growth as a person, he added”

Tabata goes on to talk about the car Noctis and friends use for their journey is “actually the car that he received from his father as a memento, through that you sort of see his connection with his father.”

It is unclear what exactly Tabata means when referring to The Last of Us, maybe a non-linear narrative or something else. We will find out in due time. Sound off your views in the comment section.

Final Fantasy XV will get a summer 2016 release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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