FIFA 12’s big features include a new Impact System that creates realistic reactions when players collide on the field, so as expected the video shows Terry and co getting up close and jostling for the ball.The list of features this year also includes old favourites such as the career mode and various online features. Player stories and match-day atmosphere were added to that list by EA Sports earlier this year.

The video below shows how more points of interaction between players will produce better results and less jarring canned animations. The video examples McHardy shows off between FIFA 12 and FIFA 11 are noticeable, but it’ll be interesting to see how the Impact engine handles more subtle challenges, because not every tackle in soccer is a full, slide-through-the-grass-legs-scissored production.


FIFA 12 also received a release date. September 27th will find you passing the ball across the pitch in EA’s most recent soccer sim.

“This is the moment all PC gamers have been waiting for, as they are finally going to fully experience the award-winning FIFA gameplay on their preferred platform,” said executive producer Kaz Makita.

This year the latest iteration of the world’s biggest sports franchise will be released worldwide on September 30, with the Nintendo 3DS receiving its first ever FIFA title in addition to the expected PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii, Nintendo DS, PSP, PS2, iPhone, ad mobile device versions. Yep, the PS2 is still kicking about.

“PC fans are going to enjoy the highest quality gameplay, deepest game modes and truest graphics ever developed for the platform, including our new live service EA Sports Football Club,” added Mr Makita.

This year’s PC version is particularly important to EA as the game will be available on their new Origin digital download service.

In addition to new downloadable content and a rough-and-tumble ‘Impact Engine’ for tackles, the game’s entire Manager Mode has been overhauled, while we can’t to see the game’s take on their newly-hirsute regular cover star Wayne Rooney.

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FIFA 12 worldwide release date and Trailer 1FIFA 12 worldwide release date and Trailer 2


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