Square Enix hosted a Flash Talk Show, an extended version of the Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Talk Show at Tokyo Game Show 2014, which was streamed few weeks ago in Japan.

The presentation features “new information about not only Final Fantasy Type 0 HD, but also about Final Fantasy XV,” you can watch the entire show (with English subtitles) after the break:

Though this happened last month, but the firm released the video this week with English subtitles. The video doesn’t have any new details or gameplay that we haven’t seen already.

Some interesting details, for example:

  • There’s a block button (blocking/evading costs MP), a dedicated jump button
  • Character designs were influenced by Kingdom Hearts
  • Weapons will have skills associated with them – Three combat options: Basic Assault button, a Skill button, and Jump.
  • The combat system is similar to Final Fantasy Type-0, but it’s “shaping up to be it’s own thing.”
  • “The dungeons are extremely challenging! The enemies use a lot of status ailment attacks.”

FF Type-0 HD Story:
“The year 842 is the beginning of the end.

In an act of unprovoked aggression, the Militesi Empire invaded the Dominion of Rubrum. Imperial dreadnoughts swarmed the skies, assailing the unsuspecting countryside under the banner of the White Tiger.

From amidst the flames of the besieged dominion, the Vermilion Bird rose in defiance, her crystal granting magic and mighty eidolons that her disciples might cast out the technologically advanced aggressors.

Thrust into the tumult of war, the fate of the world and its four crystals now rests on the shoulders of fourteen brave, young warriors.”

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will release on March 17, 2015 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Final Fantasy XV demo will launch on March 20, 2015.


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