Bethesda Softworks upcoming open world action role-playing, Fallout 4 has gone gold.

The fifth major installment in the fallout series has been in development since 2013 and today Bethesda Game Studios took to twitter to announce that the development on the game is done, and it is ready to be sold.

“200 years after a nuclear war, Fallout 4 is set in a post-apocalyptic Boston, Massachusetts, in which the player character emerges from an underground bunker known as a Vault.

Gameplay will be similar to Fallout 3. Completing quests and acquiring experience will level up the character, allowing for new abilities.

With an optional first- or third-person view, players can explore Fallout 4‍ ’​s open world setting at will, allowing nonlinear gameplay.

Additional party members can accompany the player, who will assist them in battles. Players have the ability to construct and deconstruct buildings and items, and use them to build a settlement, which can attract and be inhabited by non-playable characters.”

The post-apocalyptic retro-future setting covers a region that includes “Boston, Massachusetts and other parts of New England known as the Commonwealth. The story begins on the day the bombs dropped: October 23, 2077. The player’s takes shelter in Vault 111, emerging 200 years later.”

Fallout 4 will release on November 10, 2015 for PC, PS4, & Xbox One.


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Source: Twitter.