Rockstar’s upcoming open world action-adventure, Grand Theft Auto V will give you the opportunity to know the three main characters individually, according to Leslie Benzies.

Speaking with French website Jeuxactu (translated via Google), Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies explains, “The biggest part of the game is based on three characters and how the lifestyle and actions of one affect the other two.


It was thought to have three characters from the start but we thought it would interfere with the gameplay and story. We want to give the player the opportunity to know the three characters individually and explore the world of each of them and it would not have been possible if the three had been available from start.”

It is unknown in which order or who will be the first playable character, but the entire map will be explorable and characters will meet up each other during missions.

Producer and lead mission designer Imran Sarwar further explains the characters: “You can meet each character if you know where they are. For example, if Michael leaves after a mission and you play Trevor, you can go to meet him.

You can also force things, if you wish, from one character to another and make them meet. They can then become friends and spend time together. We thought to make the characters appear on the map to be able to follow the day to day in the city, but we chose to focus our efforts on the system of interchangeable characters.”

Grand Theft Auto V will release on September 17, 2013 for PS3 and Xbox 360.

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