2K and Turtle Rock Studios revealed a third playable monster for Evolve in the latest trailer.

“Wraith is the stealthy assassin. She’s a space alien ninja Monster who warps around the battlefield, ripping into her enemies with her blade-claws.

She can hit – then run – before you even see her coming.”

Wraith – “The third playable Monster character is a small, terrifying, stealthy assassin that is quick in her movements and has two exceptionally long blades to deal damage up close.

Despite having the least amount of health and armor among Evolve’s Monsters, Wraith’s quick, warping movements allow her to dart around during battle to avoid taking damage.”

Wraith’s abilities:

  • Warp Blast allows Wraith to travel almost instantly to a target and create an explosion wherever she lands, dealing damage to everything around her.
  • Her Decoy ability spawns a dangerous clone of herself that attacks targets while distracting the Hunters. With the Decoy deployed, Wraith becomes invisible and the
    Decoy can be used strategically to escape from combat or allow the player to re-position themselves for surprise attacks.
  • Abduction steals hunters away from their teammates. During an abduction attack, Wraith travels large distances, grabs the target, and returns to her original location all within the blink of an eye.
  • Supernova creates a large arena for Wraith to fight in. Inside the Supernova, Wraith becomes a frenzied melee beast of pure energy as her scythe-like blades cut down just about anything in their path. If Wraith leaves the Supernova area, she returns to her normal state.

Evolve is set to release on February 10, 2015 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Evolve - 'Stalker' Trailer 1
Evolve - 'Stalker' Trailer 2
Evolve - 'Stalker' Trailer 3
Evolve - 'Stalker' Trailer 4
Evolve - 'Stalker' Trailer 5
Evolve - 'Stalker' Trailer 6
Evolve - 'Stalker' Trailer 7
Evolve - 'Stalker' Trailer 8
Evolve - 'Stalker' Trailer 9
Evolve - 'Stalker' Trailer 10
Evolve - 'Stalker' Trailer 11


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Source: evolvegame.com