SimCity is making a comeback. EA and Maxis announced a new, unnumbered SimCity at GDC.

It seems the publisher is going for a series reboot and are just naming the game, SimCity – similar to the recent SSX and FIFA Street reboots, and will land in 2013.

‘SimCity’, the game is driven by Maxis’ new engine, GlassBox, which it says “powers each simulation with real integrity in order to capture the world we live in today”.

Take a look at the trailer below

“The rumours are true; Sim City is back,” Maxis senior vice president Lucy Bradshaw said. “We’re taking Sim City back to Maxis, and we’re bringing it to you on the PC in 2013.”

According to Lucy Bradshaw, senior Vice President of EA’s Maxis Label, the series is being “reimagined for an entirely new generation of players.” That includes “next generation accessibility” as well as “a robust multiplayer mode.”

“For the first time in SimCity franchise history, players’ decisions will have long-lasting repercussions that will extend beyond their city limits.

“Together, players will address real global challenges such as climate change, the search for renewable resources and natural disasters. It’s up to the players to decide whether to compete or collaborate to shape the world of tomorrow — for better or for worse.”

Only a PC version is announced right now, but a quote from Bradshaw may hold a hint: “We are dedicated to making sure the experience – no matter the platform – has the fun, flavour and playability that has been intrinsic to the franchise since its birth.”


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