Organizers for E3 2012 have opened registration for the three day event, but industry professionals signing up won’t be pleased to see much doubled pass prices. 

A three-day show floor pass between now and April 23 will be selling for $795 – so long as you register prior to April 23, 2012, or else it’ll be $995. It’s worth noting that press passes are free, in case you were wondering.

E3 2012 should be quite exciting as Nintendo is expected to give us a first look at the final state of Wii U as it gets ready to launch the new console next year. There are also rumors about Microsoft possibly mentioning or even unveiling the Xbox 720 in some form, or the next iteration of Kinect.

E3 2012 starts on June 5 through June 7 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Source : E3 Expo 2012

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