The first details of Dragon Age III: Inquisition have emerged from Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo.

Character customization will return “in a big way” and features more expansive levels in Dragon Age III, according to a BioWare.

Speaking during the panel at Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo in Canada, cinematic designer Jon Perry said “one level in Dragon Age III is as big as all of the levels in Dragon Age II.”

Creative director Mike Laidlaw added that “customization is going to be bigger than Dragon Age Origins,” to include “follower customization,” according to producer Cameron Lee’s live-tweeting of the event.

Series writer David Gaider also added during the panel that players will be human, and that “backgrounds will be in Dragon Age III even though you will be human, it’s not playable but it does significant impact on the story.” This again according to Lee’s twitter feed.

Also, Flemeth the shapeshifter, known as ‘the Witch of the Wilds’ will be in the game in some capacity, because according to Laidlaw: “It feels wrong to not have a little Flemeth in your game.”

Executive producer Mark Darrah concluded that you’ll be able to take control of your own castle, and that the game will import prior character choices but, we’re investigating some ways without save imports.”

Dragon Age III might be released across current and next-generation systems – a late 2013 date has been confirmed with rumored new console launches.


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