Disney released a new trailer for Disney Infinity (2.0) featuring Brave’s Merida and Maleficent.

“Bring on the Brave. Bring on the Wicked. Two new characters are coming to Disney Infinity Toy Box 2.0 — Princess Merida from Disney/Pixar’s Brave and the evil Maleficent from this Spring’s new movie of the same name.”

“Maleficent: The wicked title character from the upcoming Walt Disney Studios film employs numerous magical powers and can attack using her magic in melee and ranged combat.

To defeat enemies, Maleficent has the ability to utilise projectile and area of effect attacks that affect multiple targets within a specified area, brambles that she summons from the ground and ravens that she can call on to attack targets.

Merida: With her untamed fiery red locks, this headstrong Princess will definitely leave her mark in Disney Infinity.

Between her sharp sword and bow combo attacks with ricocheting arrows, she can upgrade her aim with elemental freeze arrows, freezing enemies in front of her then following up with rapid shots showing off her impressive athletic skills as an archer and sword fighter.”

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes will be available this fall for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, PC, iOS.


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Source: Press release

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