Disney released a new trailer for Disney Infinity (2.0) introducing classic Disney characters, Aladdin & Jasmine.

“Bring on the Dreamer. Bring on the Daring. Bring on a whole new world! Aladdin and Jasmine are coming to the Disney Infinity Toy Box 2.0! What new worlds will you create?

Each character is sold separately and has unique abilities only playable in the 2.0 edition of Disney Infinity.”

Aladdin and Jasmine join the growing list of playable characters heading to Disney Infinity 2.0, which features Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, Thor Odinson, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, Loki, Maleficent, Merida, Spider-Man, Venom and many more!!!

“The game will follow multiple plots, with each Playset having its own. The Avengers Playset will center around Loki and MODOK attempting to rebuild the Casket of Ancient Winters, with the aid of the Frost Giants, in order to freeze New York City.

The Spider-Man Playset, which is heavily inspired by Ultimate Spider-Man, will center around Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus and Mysterio cloning the Venom symbiote and launching a symbiote invasion.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Playset, which is heavily inspired by the Guardians of the Galaxy film in terms of design, will center around the Guardians stealing an Infinity Stone from Ronan the Accuser.

Ronan follows the Guardians to the planet Knowhere. With the help of Cosmo the Spacedog and The Collector the Guardians must protect Knowhere from Ronan and the Sakaaran fleet.

The Guardians of the Galaxy will eventually make way onto Ronan’s ship, the Dark Aster, to defeat him once and for all”

Disney Infinity 2.0 will be available this fall for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, PC, iOS.


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