Arkane Studios released a new developer diary for Dishonored 2, which delves into themed missions.

In Dishonored 2 themed missions video, it shows how the game “brings back classic Dishonored missions – but with a twist.

Along with a highly defended location and a high-value target, every mission now has its own epic theme.

Whether it’s multiple targets, time travel, a mansion with moving parts, or a location that shows off the game’s alt-Victorian setting, Dishonored 2 levels up the missions, while offering even more options to play your way in the game’s new setting.”

Creative Director and Christophe Carrier go in detail about the missions:

“We wanted to do classic Dishonored missions where it’s a highly defended location, it has its own character, it has its own nature, and you’re going after a high-value target,” said Creative Director Harvey Smith.

“But we also wanted to give them some sort of epic theming, either fictionally or game-mechanically, so that it created a completely memorable space to move around in.”

“Take the Dust District, for example. Not only do you have to contend with randomly occurring windstorms, which obscure the field of vision for your enemies and yourself.

But you also have two possible targets – with the choice to pursue either one, and the option to finish the mission with a lethal or non-lethal approach as well.

In the Clockwork Mansion, players must puzzle their way through a house where they can literally change the configuration of the rooms – and even move through the space between the walls.

Crack in the Slab lets players travel between two time periods, switching back and forth at will, in order to reach their goal.

And other missions, like the Royal Conservatory, offer players a deeper view into the alt-Victorian world on display in the Empire of the Isle.”

Like the original Dishonored, you can choose your where to go, and how to get there. “Given that in one playthrough of Dishonored 2 you probably see 20 percent of the game, it feels to us like no two players will have exactly the same path,” said Smith.

And now, with Dishonored 2’s themed missions, you have so many other options as well.

“We’ve put so much effort into having so many things to do – so many ways to do things, so many choices – I would like the player to feel like the possibilities are endless,” added Lead Level Designer. Christophe Carrier.

Dishonored 2 will be released worldwide on November 11, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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