Now that E3 is over and done with, EA and DICE have shown plenty from both Battlefield 3‘s single- and multiplayer components. But one thing they’ve yet to properly talk about is the new cooperative mode.

We’ve known that the game will ship with a co-op campaign since its initial reveal back in February, but details thus far have been all but non-existent. Executive producer Patrick Bach has changed that, even if just to the smallest extent.

DICE confirms 10 maps for Battlefield 3 co-op campaign 4

According to Bach, who was speaking in the latest issue of PSM3, the dedicated co-op mode includes ten maps and are designed for two players. That’s about all the new goodies the magazine got out of the producer, but since co-op details have been detailed a bit now, hopefully more information will be let of the bag soon.

In the same interview Patrick Bach has also commented on the interest of FPS fans for the upcoming Battlefield 3:

Something I hear a lot from people who haven’t actually played Battlefield is that they’d love a modern day, first-person shooter with everything you have in other games, but with vehicles and proper destruction,” commented Patrick Bach, concluding that; “this (Battlefield 3) is the game everyone claims they want“.


BF3 is set for an October release on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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DICE confirms 10 maps for Battlefield 3 co-op campaign 5DICE confirms 10 maps for Battlefield 3 co-op campaign 6


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