Sony Computer Entertainment & Quantic Dream’s upcoming science fiction game, Detroit: Become Human will be about eight to ten hours long.

In an interview with IGN at E3, David Cage revealed that Detroit: Become Human will be “about eight to ten hours,” long with a “lot of re-playability value”

Detroit: Become Human Is About 8-10 Hours Long With A Lot of Reply Value 1

Like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, he wants players to do their first run dealing with the consequences of their choices and then dive back in to see how different decisions impact the outcomes.

“This game is much more banding…than any game we have done before. We just wanted to push the envelope on pretty much everything in the game from the visuals, to the branching narrative, to everything.”

The very first scene in the game, for example, has about six different outcomes each with their own consequences, depending on what players chose to do.

He adds that there’s “no Game Over” in the game, if you die with character, you lost that character for good.

The game is similar to Heavy Rain in terms of structure, it starts off with individual stories, which connects & joins a larger plot as it continues.

Detroit: Become Human will release sometime in 2017, it is currently in development for PlayStation 4.


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Source: IGN.

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