THQ has promised, Darksiders II will be a massive game with enhanced New Game+ mode and the arena-style combat of the Crucible.

The Arena Mode is a mystical arena where the strongest warriors can test their abilities against progressively harder enemies to prove their mettle and earn legendary loot.

Darksiders II New Game+ & The Crucible Mode Revealed 1


The Crucible is unlocked progressively as the player completes the main quest; visiting the Tome stone – will be waiting for the player in the Tomes. It is an invite to The Arena, which can now be seen in the southwest corner of the Forge Lands map. Travelling there, they will meet Kargon – master of The Arena and the only being that’s ever made it through all waves.

The arena survival challenge offers 100 level combat challenge in total, where every successive level is more challenging than the last. After every 5th level is defeated (level 5, level 10, level 15, 20, 25, etc), players are offered the choice of taking an award and quitting, or continuing on for the chance at a greater reward. If you’re killed before collecting an award, then all of your progress is lost.

The combat arena will provide the ultimate challenge for Darksiders II players. After completing five of the mode’s 100 unique waves, gamers will be given the option of taking a prize or continuing for another five waves for a chance at even better items. However, if they fall in combat they will leave with nothing. Only the most skilled players will have what it takes to best all 100 waves and claim the greatest prizes.

In addition to this mode, Darksiders II will feature a New Game+ mode which will allow players to carry over their Death for a new game retaining all of their skills and equipment.

Death’s ultimate test might be in this epic challenge that unlocks as you play through the game. Are you strong enough to survive?

Darksiders II is schedule to launch on August 14 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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