THQ released a new trailer for their upcoming game, Darksiders II.

The apocalypse has brought the entire world to hell. Angels are being slain by demons, and demons are subsequently slain by Death.

As the war between Heaven and Hell rages, Death shows both demon and angel how he earned his name, part I trailer after the break:

The Video below continues on and depicts the events after a colossal mechanical brute introduces itself to Death. More scythe action is included in the trailer along with a glimpse of Death’s horse and a peek at the more recognised Grim Reaper style clothing before the horseman takes the giants arm off.

Witness the epic conclusion, as Death brings even the mightiest opponent to its knees, part 2 trailer after the break:

Darksiders II is schedule to launch on August 14 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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