Earlier this month, Valve announced that the beta had been delayed, Gamers who were eager to give Counter-Strike: Global Offensive a test drive were disappointed with this, but Valve doesn’t want it’s fans to be disappointed for much longer.

Valve tweeted that the beta for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will “be active for all current key holders” starting November 30. A follow-up tweet stated it was important for the team to allow current Counter-Strike players into the beta, but there isn’t an “eta on when” just yet.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Beta Starts November 30 2

Valve also noted in the feed that the beta will start with only two maps, de_dust and de_dust2, and will only be available initially to those who already have a key. For those of us not fortunate enough to have a key yet, Valve plans to expand the CS:GO beta as it rolls on, eventually making it open to all, as the client evolves into the full build of the game.

The beta is expected to last through several months, don’t panic if you haven’t got a key the testing period “will start small and grow until eventually everyone is in,” according to the Twitter feed. The goal, apparently, is to keep adding things in, the Counter-Strike Global Offensive team are collecting feedback, and then releasing it when Valve feels it’s ready.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is slated for a 2012 release on PC, Xbox Live and PSN.

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