Cevat Yerli CEO of Crytek revealed that they will make another Crysis game after Crysis 3, but it won’t be titled Crysis 4.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Yerli said the closure of the trilogy with Crysis 3 allows them great ‘flexibility’ for the next title.

Crysis 3 will be the end of the current plot arc that began with the first game, but that the franchise is far from over. There will be a fourth Crysis game but the title ‘Crysis 4′ would be misleading, says Yerli.

Crytek: Next Crysis Game Will Be 'Radical And New' 1

“Prophet started the journey in Crysis 1 with Psycho and Jester and the others. We’re bringing those buddies together in Crysis 3 to finish up the story and effectively make sense of the trilogy. We are finalizing the story arc of Prophet and concluding in a dramatic way.

“But we are excited about the DNA of Crysis and of the franchise. There can be literally tonnes of titles out there within the franchise. Unlike Far Cry, this time around we feel very flexible about Crysis.”

“I wouldn’t name it Crysis 4 at this stage because it would be misleading,” he explained. “We want to finalize Prophet’s story and Crysis 4 would imply the story just moves on.”

Yerli added, “normally in this time right now we would already have pre-production going on, but because we want to make this something much more radical and new we are looking at it as a bit more of a long term thing. It’s too early to talk about it for these reasons”.

So do you want more from Crysis or Crytek should make a new IP?

Crysis 3 will launch in February for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.


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