Crytek’s revealed details for their upcoming Crysis 2 update that will bring DX 11 to the game. Also check out the full pach notes for update 1.9.Crytek promised that they will bring DX 11 patch to Crysis 2, well it looks like they are about to deliver on that promise. Now considering that Crysis 2 is already the best looking game in the market. I’m excited to experience Crysis 2 on DirectX 11 with all the details cranked up to the max.

Check out the update details below.

Crysis 2 DX11 Update Details 1

DirectX 11 Ultra Upgrade
The DX11 Ultra Upgrade is a free visual improvement add-on introducing DirectX 11 support as well as a wealth of graphical improvements and performance optimisation for both DX11 and DX9 APIs.

When using the new ‘Ultra’ spec, DX9 platforms will benefit from realtime local reflections and contact shadows. The owners of DX11 platforms , in addition, will be able to enjoy hardware tessellation (requires the installation of the “Tessellation Package”), parallax occlusion mapping and several improvements for shadows, water, particles, depth of field and motion blur.

DX11 Tessellation Pack (optional download)
This free pack containing pre-tessellated geometries is necessary in order to be able to enjoy hardware tessellation on DirectX 11 graphics cards. A compatible DX 11 graphics card is required.

High Res Textures (optional download)
This high resolution textures package provides higher textures resolution for a wide variety of assets.

Full patch notes for update 1.9:

  • Added Contact Shadows
  • Added DX11 benchmark level
  • Added DX11 support for Crysis 2
  • Tessellation + Displacement Mapping
  • High Quality HDR Motion Blur
  • Realistic Shadows with Variable Penumbra
  • Sprite Based Bokeh Depth of Field
  • Parallax Occlusion Mapping
  • Particles Motion Blur, Shadows and Art Updates
  • Water Rendering improvements and using Tessellation + Displacement Mapping
  • Added Realtime Local Reflections
  • Added support for Higher Res Textures Package
  • Added various new console variables to whitelist
  • Fixed bullet penetration, which had been broken by a bug introduced with the DLC 2 patch
  • Fixed issue in MP where player stats weren’t always saved at the end of a game
  • Fixed issue in MP where player stats would sometimes randomly reset
  • Fixed issue with MP time played statistic, which would sometimes be too low on leaderboards and in stats
  • Fixed issue with JAW rocket not firing through window’s containing broken glass
  • Fixed rare issue where a user could not access MP with a valid CD key if they had previously used an invalid CD key
  • Improved advanced graphics options menu
  • Improved anti-cheat measurements: fixed exploit which could prevent vote kicking working against a user
  • Improved multi-GPU support
  • Improved Tone Mapping
  • Re-added possibility to enable r_StereoSupportAMD via config file (unsupported)


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