Ubisoft released a new trailer for their upcoming revolutionary action-driving game, The Crew at Gamescom.

“The expansiveness of a map is only great if it’s filled to the edges with exciting activities and content.

And in the 1900 square miles of beautiful U.S. land, The Crew offers a variety of exciting mission types and hundreds of driving skill challenges for anyone to tackle.

Watch how you and up to three others in your crew can take on these missions, such as making your escape from the police, tailing and chasing down your mark, and sending your target hurtling violently with well-aimed bumps and smashes. Make your presence known in our Playground, and NEVER DRIVE ALONE.”

The publisher also announced that the game will make it to Xbox 360, it will be developed by Asobo Studio, who previously worked on Fuel.

“It’s Ubisoft’s objective to continue to meet the needs of consumers who have not yet made the move to the new console generation,” said Tony Key, Ubisoft’s senior vice president of sales and marketing.

The Crew was originally built for the new generation of consoles, but we have always had a desire to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

We’re excited to bring The Crew’s same core features, massive scope, mission variety and overall driving experience to Xbox 360 players.”

The reason the game isn’t coming to PlayStation 3 or Wii U because Ubisoft chose to “focus solely on the platform closest to the new-gen’s technical infrastructure, which is Xbox 360, a Ubisoft representative told to VideoGamer.

We are not currently working on a PS3 or Wii U version, we are rather focused on delivering The Crew for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Xbox 360 simultaneously on November 11th.”

A second closed beta for the game will start from August 25-29 on both PC and new-gen console, and you can sign up now.

The Crew will release on November 11, 2014 for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Xbox 360.


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