Colbie Caillat is sure to bring smiles to your day with the official music video for new single “Brighter Than The Sun.” The music video, produced by up-and-coming UK director Emil Nava, showcases the singer-songwriter partying with a group easy-going friends.

“Brighter Than The Sun” – the follow up to the #1 single and wedding song of the year “I Do” – is Colbie’s second hit from her new album All Of You, It is already the official summer song for the OWN Network, featured in the trailer for Disney’s new movie “The Help,” and ABC’s The Bachelorette.

It certainly has its ups and downs — the lyrics are sweet and sentimental, but there’s really not a lot of action.  The people in the video aren’t so much dancing rather than planting….I’m not kidding.  The video has a very go-green vibe while everyone, including Caillat, is planting trees, flowers, grass, you name it (the singer even sits on a bed of grass) inside of a house.  By the end of the song the place has been transformed into a miniature garden.  Now this could be a lovely metaphor for blossoming as an artist or discovering your roots or even just being one with nature, but from strictly a viewers point of you, it started to wilt.  But don’t take my word for it….

Her upcoming album, which drops on July 12th, is her favorite, and says it shows the more mature side of her musical talents. In addition to her new single, “Brighter Than the Sun,” it features a collaboration with Common, as well as  One Republic’s Ryan Tedder who co-wrote her latest song.

So, who inspired this new level of musical maturity? Colbie said her go-to muse for her latest bunch of tracks is, unsurprisingly, none other than her musician boyfriend.

Who luckily doesn’t have any qualms about being her inspiration.

“Justin, he’s good, I mean, he’s a songwriter, too. He knows. I think he’s flattered that most of the songs are about him, and the ups and downs of a relationship, I mean there’s been lots of good and there’s been bad days where I write about it and you get the feelings off your chest…he doesn’t take it personal”

Watch the music video for “Brighter Than The Sun” by Colbie Caillat after the jump.