Activision released a new video for Sledgehammer Games’ upcoming first-person shooter, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare introducing the four-player co-op mode, Exo Survival.

“Power changes everything in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, from the Private Military Corporation-driven storyline in the single-player Campaign to the innovative exoskeleton movements in Multiplayer.

Take a look at what makes Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare the total gaming package, including the world premiere of the four-player co-op mode: Exo Survival.”

“Exo Survival is Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare‘s chaotic, fast-paced cooperative mode that pits you and up to 3 friends against increasingly challenging waves of enemies, ranging from soldiers and ASTs to dogs, drones and more.

Players will start by choosing from three EXO tiers – Light, Heavy or Specialist – Each which has pros & cons, catered to various play styles. As players progress from one level to the next, enemies will become increasingly challenging and some will even have new abilities.”

Upgrades & Abilities:
After completing each wave, the players will earn upgrade points allowing them to customize their character with new weapons, abilities and attachments. Occasionally, A round will challenge the player to undertake an additional assignment, such as collect dog tags or diffuse EMP bombs, to earn bonus upgrade points.

Complete the taks and earn the points, but fail to complete the task before the round is over and the player will face even steeper challenges in the next round. Jump into the fray with your friends, and see how long you can survive.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is set to be released for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC on November 4, 2014.


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