The Chrome browser of Google is showing success after Google´s vibrant TV advertising campaign for their Chrome Browser.

According to CNet, Chrome is being used by every eight people on the Interent and it has increased from 11.9 % to 12.5% share during the month of May. Google  has been promoting Chrome not just on the web, also with the vibrant TV campaign which shows off emotional ways in which families can use the browser.

Therefore Microsoft has lost a small share of browser usage, dropping from 55.1% to 54.3%. though there has been a marked increase in users trying out Internet Explorer 9. which has grown from 2.4% in April to 4.2% in May.

Meanwhile, Firefox made another very small user base increase which rises from 21.6% to 21.7%. Apple´s Safari browser has been showing a steady gain for the past few months. In the month of May it saw an increase from 7.2% to 7.3% over all.

Google Chrome browser could overtake Firefox to become the second-ranked browser in terms of worldwide usage.

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