Let Me Explain is the first track off Bryson Tiller‘s upcoming second studio album, She’s Got My Soul.

Written by Bryson Tiller.

Let Me Explain Lyrics

It’s been a long time
I guess I just miss the old days
You remember…all them times

You used to come keep me company
Tell me you love me and just me
Oh and it took a while to trust me
Girl I had to work for it
Still you don’t judge me
I love the way you touch me
I’m feeling like I’m ’bout to lose you
With all the shady shit I do to you
Some things are better left unsaid
I can’t get it out my head
Better left unsaid
Everything that I regret
No lie girl when I tell you, you a blessing
Girl just let me make corrections, yeah
Damn, I’ve been stressing yeah
I’ve been really tripping babe
I learned my lesson, yeah
I still need you to listen, oh babe

Listen to me yeah
Oh if you’d just let me explain
If you’d just let me explain
Baby, oh (yeah)
Listen to me yeah
Oh if you’d just let me explain
If you’d just let me explain
Baby, oh
Yeah for sure
Don’t be afraid
Don’t be afraid

[Verse 2]
Don’t be afraid to tell me that it’s over
Tell me that it’s over
No, I don’t deserve you, that shit I never told you
There’s too many things, I can’t look you in the face
I just grab you by the waist and act like everything’s okay
Bare with me girl, I’m trying to be honest
Tell you what you need to hear, just not yet
I’m barely getting started, I’m being cautious
Girl that’s the hardest
All we been through, look what we’ve been through
Look at Jay and Bey, they going through some shit too
We made it through the struggle let’s make it through this too
I got a confession, baby will you listen to it?

Listen to me yeah (oh yeah)
Oh if you’d just let me explain (just let me explain)
If you’d just let me explain (oh yeah)
Baby oh (baby oh)
Listen to me yeah (oh baby oh)
Oh if you’d just let me explain (baby oh)
Baby oh
Yeah (baby, oh)

Young Tiller!

Produced by Phonix Beats.

Released as the lead single on October 13, 2016 by RCA Records.

She’s Got My Soul is an upcoming second studio album by American singer, songwriter and rapper, Bryson Tiller.

It is set to release sometime this year or early next year.

Bryson Tiller Let Me Explain Lyrics 1

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