Everyone has been eagerly awaiting the new Britney Spears video since she released a 30-second teaser clip on Monday. (And by everyone, clearly we mean NewsFeed). And at last, it’s here.

The premise of “I Wanna Go,” directed by Chris Marrs Piliero, is a Star-Gone-Wild rampage where we see Britney tire of the press and paparazzi. So naturally she flips off reporters, flashes fans, canoodles with a cop and takes out some photographers with a microphone cord. You know, typical pop star rebellion stuff. (Her homage to Avril Lavigne’s look can’t possible be an accident, can it?) Oh, and Guillermo Diaz of Weeds and Half Baked fame (the “F**k you, f**k you…” sequence at the beginning is straight from the 1998 stoner movie) acts as her knight in shining armor with a dark secret.


Check out the Video

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