Sony Computer Entertainment & FromSoftware announced The Old Hunters, the first expansion for Bloodborne at the Tokyo Game Show 2015.

The expansion is set in a “nightmare world where hunters from the past are trapped forever, explore brand new stages full of dangers, rewards, and deadly beasts to overcome.

You’ll find multiple new outfits and weapons to add to your arsenal as well as additional magic to wield and add more variety to your combat strategy.

With new story details, learn the tale of hunters who once made Yharnam their hunting grounds, meet new NPCs, and discover another side of the history and world of Bloodborne.

Here’s a brief glimpse of just some of what lies in store for you when The Old Hunters launches on November 24th, including Simon’s Bowblade weapon, and new boss enemy Ludwig.”

You can download ‘The Old Hunters’ expansion starting November 24th for $19.99 / €14.99 / £11.99 and experience the nightmare of the hunters who once guarded Byrgenwerth’s darkest secrets.

In Japan, a retail version of the game will be sold with The Old Hunters add-on, which is due out on December 3.

Additionally, Bloodborne sales have topped two million worldwide.

Bloodborne ‘The Old Hunters’ Expansion Announced 1
Bloodborne ‘The Old Hunters’ Expansion Announced 2
Bloodborne ‘The Old Hunters’ Expansion Announced 3
Bloodborne ‘The Old Hunters’ Expansion Announced 4
Bloodborne ‘The Old Hunters’ Expansion Announced 5


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