2K Games released a second BioShock Infinite’s heavy hitting enemies this time showing off the Handyman.

This hulking brute got his name from his giant porcelain hands, used to smash and/or throw things or people at his enemies, and is a nasty looking customer indeed. The Irrational team details how he was made and how there’s a “certain sadness” to them that gamers need to find out in the game.

The Handymen is the second heavy hitter revealed for the latest in the BioShock series. Take a look at the video after the jump

Creative director Levine says: “I think their coolest ability is they can pick up AIs, friends or foes, and toss them at people, so I think that everyone around them finds them quite terrifying including, sometimes, your enemies, because they just become tools of the Handyman to get at [protagonist] Booker.”

Previous week, 2K Games unveiled the first of BioShock Infinite‘s heavy hitting enemies, called the Motorized Patriot.

What other enemy types do you want to see detailed by Irrational Games?

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BioShock Infinite releases on October 16 in the US and October 19 in Europe for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.


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