EA and Visceral Games’ upcoming first-person shooter, Battlefield Hardline debut gameplay trailer has been leaked online ahead of it’s unveil on June 9, 2014.

The seven minute trailer reveal bunch of details about gameplay, multiplayer, single-player modes and more, check it out after the break (give it 4-5 seconds to load the Facebook player):

The Single-player features Nick Mendoza as the protagonist. SP is split into stages based on the idea of TV show episodes, each with cliffhangers. There’s an all-star cast from the world of TV, including talent from The Americans, House of Cards and Justified.

The game’s environments are the biggest yet featuring Battlefield 4’s Levolution and more!!

Multiplayer features three modes: Heist Mode, Rescue Mode, Hotwire Mode, and Bloodmoney Mode.


Visceral general manager Steve Papoutis took to twitter to express his thoughts about the leaked trailer, He tweeted: “So yeah, that happened. Not how we wanted to unveil Hardline, but all good. Didn’t want to wait til E3 anyway, so let’s talk about it…”

He adds, “Video that’s out there was for an internal meeting. It’s 6 months old now and team has been cranking since then. See the real deal at E3.”

Battlefield Hardline will launch this Fall for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3.


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