According to EA’s Eric Brown, Battlefield 3 has achieved ten times more pre-orders then Battlefield Bad Company 2.

If Internet rumours are to be believed EA Games has set aside one of the biggest marketing budgets ever envisioned for gaming for Battlefield 3.  Pre-order figures for Battlefield 3 are currently outpacing the figures recorded for Black Ops, which went on to be one of the best selling video games of all time.

Earlier estimations had Battlefield 3 selling 8 million units over all 3 platforms but after a fantastic showing at E3 these estimates have been bumped up to 11 million.

During the earnings announcement that happened earlier this week, Electronic Arts revealed that Battlefield 3 has achieved ten times more pre-orders the the game’s predcessor, Bad Company 2.

To remind you, more then 9 million units of Battlefield Bad Company 2 were sold to date. Eric Brown, Chief Financial Officer at EA has revealed that his company aims to increase unit sales over Battlefield Bad Company 2. EA’s FPS game will be released two weeks prior to the newest Call of Duty game.


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