After suffering a series of gameplay leaks, EA has released a new multiplayer video for its upcoming first-person shooterBattlefield 3. The combined videos give fans a good look at the multiplayer found in the game.

There’s something about the marketing campaign for “Battlefield 3” that just feels dark. Ever since we first laid eyes on the game’s original teaser trailer, the video footage – with the exception of a tank combat sequence shown at E3 – have all carried this same ominous, very moody tone.

Today, Battlefield publisher have released a new trailer, showing off a bit more of the absolutely chaotic “Battlefield 3” multiplayer, entitled “Operation Metro.” Big surprise: it looks amazing.

Checkout the Trailer below


Battlefield 3 is due out on the 28th of October on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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Battlefield 3 multiplayer trailer 3Battlefield 3 multiplayer trailer 4


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