DICE has released official Battlefield 3 beta statistics as well as giving us the numbers. Battlefield 3 beta was a huge success for DICE, despite some criticisms levied towards the game.  

According to the recently released stats for the beta, 8,125,310 million players logged on to the various networks to play Battlefield 3.  Alongside that impressive figure, as you can see in the image above (full size below), DICE was keeping track of all kinds of stats with that new fangled Battlelog.

Battlefield 3 Impressive Beta Stats 6

The beta which lasted for only a few weeks saw players taking to the Operation Metro multiplayer map on consoles, while PC gamers got to experience some vehicle carnage on the Caspian Border map, but in that time 1.5 Billion kills were registered.  DICE recently revealed the nine full maps for the final version of Battlefield 3 in two parts Part 1Part 2 and a Multiplayer Trailer

Battlefield 3 will be out on October 28 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC but has unfortunately leaked on to torrent sites already.

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Battlefield 3 Impressive Beta Stats 8Battlefield 3 Impressive Beta Stats 9 | Battlefield 3 Impressive Beta Stats 10

Source: Battlefield 3 Blog

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