Sony released the launch trailer for Quantic Dream’s interactive drama action adventure, Beyond: Two Souls, which is out today.

“Beyond represents a step forward in terms of how stories are told and how developers can blur the line between games and cinema.

It’s a truly unique experience – with gripping performances delivered in full performance capture by Ellen and Willem, unparalleled cinematic presentation, and a powerfully emotional and thrilling story which branches based on your successes and failures. If you’re a fan of great storytelling, Beyond is an experience which is not to be missed.

Every person is going to have a different experience with this game, in part because of how many variations the story can take, and in part because different moments of Jodie’s life will resonate differently with each person. By living Jodie’s story, you’ll help create your own,” notes SCEE product manager, Ross Alexander.

Beyond: Two Souls is out now in North America, it will hit stores in Australia on 9 October and 11 October in Europe for PlayStation 3.


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