Ever since Battlefield 3 was shown off on PS3 there has been some spicy back and forth between DICE and a section of the FPS community.

Executive producer Patrick Bach said he isn’t concerned about PC/PS3 comparisons, and both versions will be relatively similar.

“Of course, there are practical limitations on the console versions with things like CPU, resolution, memory, bandwidth… things like that,” he told PSM3.

“But I’m not worried about the output of PS3 compared to PC. It’ll be very similar.”


Battlefield 3 on PS3 will be very similar to PC 4

DICE has made no secret of the fact that the PC is the leading platform for Battlefield 3 and rival developer Sledgehammer Games hasn’t wasted any opportunity to point out that its shooter Modern Warfare 3 runs at a silky smooth 60fps while Battlefield 3 will run at 30fps.

From what I’ve seen of Battlefield 3 so far there does seem to be a slight difference between the graphical quality of PS3 and PC versions.

Activision has thrown the latest jab in the Battlefield/Call of Duty war of words by reminding everyone that Modern Warfare 3 will run at 60fps on console compared to Battlefield 3’s 30fps.

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Battlefield 3 on PS3 will be very similar to PC 5Battlefield 3 on PS3 will be very similar to PC 6

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