Rocksteady Studios just launched Arkham Insider video series with the first in the series video which breaks down previously released Batman: Arkham Knight ‘All Who Follow You’ trailer.

Arkham Insider Episode 1 dives deep into the latest trailer, with “new details on the Dual Play system, how it feels to wear skin-tight spandex suits, and insights on the key narrative points in the trailer from Rocksteady’s Martin Lancaster (Lead Scriptwriter) and Adam Vincent (Senior Animator).

You’ll also get a peek inside the studio kitchen during our milestone feast breakfast, a key point in development every month to review our progress on the game (and an opportunity to enjoy copious amounts of bacon and pastries!).”

“Over the course of the series, we’ll be showing you a whole lot more, said Rocksteady community manager, Liam Ashley on PSBlog.

You’ll hear directly from talented developers across the studio and more about the features they’ve been working on and how they come together to deliver the ultimate ‘Be The Batman’ experience.”

“One year after the death of the Joker during the events of Arkham City, Batman is struggling to come to terms with the absence of his nemesis and the uncomfortable feeling that the pair shared a bond deeper than either could admit.

Without the Joker’s chaotic presence, Gotham’s citizens have never felt safer, and crime in the city has dramatically declined. However, this gives Batman’s enemies, including Penguin, Two-Face, and Harley Quinn, a chance to unite with the singular goal of killing Batman.

On Halloween night, Scarecrow threatens the city with his newly-created strain of fear toxin and bombs planted throughout Gotham, forcing the evacuation of the city’s six million civilians.

Only criminals remain in the city, leaving Commissioner Gordon and the Gotham City Police overwhelmed. Anticipating a new threat, Batman continues to develop crime-fighting technology, and maintains a vigil over the city.”

Batman: Arkham Knight is scheduled for a worldwide release on June 23, 2015 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.


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