Ubisoft released a new patch/title update for Assassin’s Creed III, patch 1.05 brings in a number of fixes for campaign and multiplayer issues.

The patch also adds support for Assassin’s Creed III’s upcoming DLC ‘The Redemption’, check out the patch notes below:

ACIII (25)

Single player:

  • Added support for DLC “The Tyranny of King Washington: The Redemption.”
  • Guards will no longer be equipped with Washington’s sword.
  • “Tyranny of King Washington” intro videos now pause if controller is unplugged.
  • Fixed incorrectly displayed stealth icon sometimes appearing when leaving Wolf Cloak.
  • Increased Wolf Pack effectiveness versus firing lines.
  • Wolf Pack no longer interrupts counter-kills.
  • Eagle Flight will no longer generate reactions when taking-off/landing in “The Betrayal.”
  • Fixed remaining known issues (lockpicking, Memory Fragments, locked items) in “The Betrayal.”


  • Abilities – Boost Cooldown now works as intended.
  • Mode specific – The Artifact is no longer reset to its base while carried by a player under certain circumstances.

PC specific:

  • Anti-cheating measures against specific techniques have been put into place.
  • Issues that could lead the Abstergo Store to become unavailable have been fixed.

The Redemption will release on April 23 for Xbox 360 & PCs, April 24 for PS3.

The three upcoming episodes are available through the Assassin’s Creed III Season Pass, which is available for purchase for 2400 MS points or £23.99. The first episode can also be purchased separately as a single DLC pack for 800 Microsoft points or £9.99.


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