Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s upcoming action-adventure video game, Batman Arkham: Origins uses the same core mechanics of the previous Arkham games, that’s according to creative director, Eric Holmes.

Batman Arkham City

Speaking with Gamespot, Holmes also said fans of previous Arkham games, “have the right to be cynical, and feels fans will change their mind when you “play the game at one of these events where we bring the game.

And I think as soon as you’ve got the pad in your hand, you’re going to see that this game is authentic and uses the same underpinnings and core mechanics of the previous Arkham games,” said Holmes, stating that the game’s new tactical features will draw consumers in.

“And I think we have a great story…I can’t tell you too much about…but I can tell you I’m really excited about our story. “I think it’s a very important Batman story and I think fans are going to love that probably more than any other thing in the game.”

Previously, Rocksteady said that Warner Bros. Games Montreal team will craft a fantastic experience with Batman: Arkham Origins.

Batman: Arkham Origins will releases on October 25, 2013 for Wii U, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.


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