Microsoft’s upcoming eighth generation console Xbox One will outship Sony’s PlayStation 4 at launch, according to Colin Sebastian.

Robert W. Baird analyst Colin Sebastian stated in an investors note that Microsoft’s reversal on DRM And Always Online Policies are doing wonders for the console.

Analyst: Xbox one May Have '2-3x Unit Advantage' At Launch Over PS4 1

“Despite losing the headline battle at E3, Microsoft’s Xbox One appears to be regaining some momentum, in part due to the used and online policy tweaks.

Importantly, our supply chain checks suggest Microsoft may have the benefit of a 2-3x unit advantage at launch compared to Sony’s PS4,” said Sebastian.

He also expects both consoles to have launch shortages and the ‘$100 price difference won’t matter in the launch window for early adopters. Microsoft is “working with channel partners to lessen the gap,” he noted.

The analyst said that Nintendo’s Wii U needs a price cut to be competitive and “the fate of the platform will likely rest on the popularity of Nintendo’s holiday software lineup.”

Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are out sometime in 2013.


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Source: GI

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