Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox will defeat Sony’s PlayStation 4 in Console War, that’s according to Michael Pachter, analyst at Wedbush Morgan.

Speaking at South by Southwest (SXSW) panel this weekend, Michael Pachter predicts Microsoft’s Xbox (Xbox 720) will be the winner in the next-gen console war, despite Sony’s hardware advantage.

Xbox Vs PS4

Geoff Keighley shared a presentation slide that summarizes patcher’s thoughts:

“Microsoft wins the next generation” thanks to “killer apps” including a TV tuner and Skype.

Meanwhile, Sony’s “PlayStation 4 will thrive in the next generation. Still playing catch-up, but Gaikai and content are huge advantages.

“Nintendo software still king but console hardware sales will be challenged. Handheld hardware sales will lose share to smartphones and tablets.”

Pachter also says we’re unlikely to see publishers going bankrupt in future, but some companies may consolidate.

On the topic of PC, Pachter believes that the “PC as gaming device will make a comeback.”


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